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About Amanda Olejarz

Amanda Olejarz is best described as a 'weirdo' who usually marches to an off rhythm beat. She unknowingly started her holistic journey in 2006 when she enrolled in the School of Holistic Massage & Reflexology. Here she was introduced to the body not just as pieces, but as a whole mass matrix of connection. Amanda developed a very unique massage technique, combining modalities and listening to intuition. She was, and still is, told she is 'the best' massage therapist out there. Although this flattered her, she often got down on herself for not being able to help her clients more and wondered why if her clients were getting the best, why they were unable to sustain it.  After seven years of straight massage therapy Amanda jumped on the Reiki bandwagon opening her eyes to more than the visible but she was not ready to continue exploring down this path, she wanted something more logical. She found herself graduating with her first degree in 2016 in Sleep Technology, 18 years after graduating high school.  This helped  however really took to the new age energy modality of Chios in 2017 becoming a Chios Master. Amanda 

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